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In 2019 I walked away from my corporate job with only a dream in place.  I literally left there with nothing to replace my income. The moment I committed to living a life on my own terms through the grace of God, he began to open doors for me. I did the dreaming and he filled in the details.  

It wasn’t long before that, I had met Martha Krejci, a Business Strategist who teaches families to grow multiple revenue streams from home using what they already know & love. She soon became my mentor and friend. I loved everything she stood for but especially her servant heart. 

God brought us together as a team and I began working with her after I closed the door to my corporate world. It was soon after she asked me to join her team that she created The Home Based Revolution. She told me it was going to be BIG.  She was right!  

HBR has delivered the life that I had been dreaming of. The empowerment of bringing our families back home by choice, to create a life on our terms, to provide well for our families and to give them the gift of time. I wake up every single day feeling blessed in this life. I know that little seed was planted in my heart, to trust in my faith and to walk into the unknown. It was all in the divine details to not only align with my purpose in the perfect timing, but to help others do exactly the same. Dreams really do come true!

The Home-Based Revolution: Create Multiple Income Streams from Home

The Home-Based Revolution gives you practical tips to overcome outdated ways of thinking about your life and career. Martha Krejci has implemented these techniques into her life with abundant success, and she now brings her wisdom to the page, teaching you how to build a home-based business that works for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Working mothers often feel pulled in many different directions at once: taking care of their child, maintaining a successful career, and doing it all with patience and grace. When working a traditional 9–5 job, it’s easy to find yourself stressed out, anxious, and missing out on those important milestones in your child’s life. No more!

In The Home-Based Revolution, Martha Krejci shows you how to avoid stress and spend more time with those who mean the most to you by building a successful business from home. With humor and style, Martha shares the practical tips and wisdom she has learned in building her own home-based business so you can do it too. Join the revolution!

The Invincible Family Project

We are on a mission to make the family bulletproof.

It’s time for regular, every day families, to change the status quo. It’s time for us to take back our power and change our collective futures.

In this book you’ll find the true and inspirational stories of twenty-seven women who chose to take a chance and believe that there could be more to life than what they were living.

These twenty-seven women hail from the United States, Canada, South Africa, and Australia. They represent every profession you can imagine from homeschooling moms, to doctors, nurses, coaches, CEO’s, PHD holders and more… But most importantly, they represent hope.

If you’re tired of living life on repeat, tired of feeling enslaved to corporate America, tired of wondering if this is as good as life is ever going to get, then get ready.

The stories in this book are going to show you that anything is possible and we’ve got the blueprint to prove it.

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