Here is a little bit about me~


For years, yes literally YEARS, I worked in an environment where I felt debilitating stress, severe anxiety and completely trapped!

My health was becoming affected by being in a ‘place’ that did not serve me!  I was spending my ‘sick time’ in therapy to help overcome the anxiety and I just couldn't control it.

I kept asking myself “How are you going to keep this up for years until you can retire?”.

Our budget required my income and I felt this was the ONLY way. After all, I did provide medical insurance coverage for my family.  That’s a big deal these days!

My husband was even saying LEAVE… because he knew what it was doing to my health.  

SO I did it… I decided IT WAS TIME! I walked away. 

 Then THIS happened – I was introduced to a huge opportunity.   It seriously didn’t seem like it could work.  

BUT, I was also offered the tools to help me make it work and to do it just like I needed it to happen for me.  

There was even an added bonus... I also got some amazing products that would get my health back on track!!  And it did. NATURALLY!!

 I’m now living a life that I have created. I have peace of mind; I’ve broken free of the stress and anxiety that was holding me back from being empowered by my own creativity.  

I’ve also got the ability to earn an income that sets my family free from limitations. Our income isn't coming in from just one income source anymore. 

I was able to learn how to build my empire through multiple revenue streams on my own time.  I’m sure we can all agree that after 2020 this is important!

You know what? I’m now on a mission to help others shed that same kind of fear – the fear that halts your life.  My mission is to show you there really is a better way!  

Come join me and discover the awesome group of people you'll be connected to. Together we'll learn how to live without fear and anxiety, and find new roads towards a life of health and freedom!

We're a community that's united in purpose. We exchange ideas and knowledge, and support one another on this shared journey.

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